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2 years ago

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Reinventing a product or brand that you have built and cared for can seem like a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be. Some people reinvent because the market has changed and they need to adapt. Some people reinvent because their initial idea wasn’t making them enough money. Some people reinvent simply because they feel like it’s the right thing to do. Whatever your reasons are for reinventing your business or products, as long as you do it properly you will see good results. Read on for some steps you can take which will help you reinvent your brand.


Knowing when to change – considering small business accounting

It’s all well and good deciding that you want to change your brand and reinvent your products, but if it’s the wrong time it will be doomed to fail. Many people who run small businesses seem to get the seven year itch and decide around then that they want a change. This itself isn’t a problem, as long as you’re sure it’s the right time. If you’ve just bought a house and need a steady income, then taking a gamble on change is probably best left for a couple of years. Take into account your personal situation as well as the business circumstance.

Using a bookkeeping services to decide what to change

Many people get fed up of running their business and decide that they want to shift direction slightly. This is fine, the trouble starts when they don’t really know what to change. There is no use in being vague about any changes as you will end up falling at the first hurdle. Take some time to sit and think about what you really want to change and then you can focus all your energies on that. Without a clear direction you will end up lost and this could even cost you your business.

Stick to Digital and Social Media Marketing

Once you have decided what kind of reinvention that you want, you need to make sure you stick with it. Deciding is the hard part. Coming up with a plan and following it is easy. Get your plan in place for your reinvention and make sure you have clear goals and outcomes that you want to achieve. Then you need to check back in regularly to make sure you are still on track. This is the easiest way to make sure that you achieve what it is that you want, whether it is cheap website design, or seo copywriter Melbourne.



Probably the scariest step on this list, changing is actually making that leap from what your business is, to what you want it to be. This will be a hard step because you will effectively be running two businessesat once – the old one that you’re phasing out, and the new one that you’re building up. This may be a good time to hire some temporary staff like a social media marketing  or a xero accountant to help with the workload. However, if you have a good and detailed plan and are following it to the letter, this should ease some of your worries.

Manage it


Once good way to combat this is to take the advice of other business owners and let them give you some insight into what you are doing and how well you are doing it. Having an outside perspective is key because sometimes you can become so focused on the work that you can’t see the wood for the trees (or any other metaphor, if you’re not in the lumber industry!)


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